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  • When you choose to visit and use Navigator Benefit Solutions LLC's (NBSLLC) websites, you agree to the terms of this statement.

    Your visit to our websites and any dispute over privacy is subject to this statement and our Legal Disclaimer/Conditions of Use including limitations of damages, application of the law of the State of Pennsylvania and exclusive jurisdiction of Pennsylvania.

    If you have any questions or comments about this statement, please contact us by postal mail at:

    Do the sites that you link to have the same privacy practices? We can't guarantee that links to sites we don't own or control have the same privacy practices, so we can't assume responsibility for them. Be sure to read those privacy policies once you leave our public websites. Any third parties (including advertisers) may serve content and/or advertisements and collect information directly from visitors and may place or recognize cookies on visitors' browsers - NBSLLC does not have any control over any third parties serving content to our site.

    What types of information do you collect online? We've designed our public websites to capture two types of information: automatic tracking and individually identifiable personal information ("personal information"). The first allows us to see which topics interest you most; the second helps us service any accounts you may have with our businesses:

    Automatic tracking information is gathered by following your "footsteps" online. Most Web browsers automatically provide this information to the sites they visit and display. We do not collect any additional data from your computer, and we do not compare data provided by your browser with any other data we maintain. The routes you - and other visitors - choose helps us learn about the people who visit our sites. We use aggregate numbers to compile statistics, monitor trends and track site usage. We also use the information to make sure our technology is compatible with yours. We're then better able to offer content, products and services that match your needs.
    Personal information can be anything you've provided through our public websites that identifies you or your accounts. For example: Your name, social security number, birth date, address and names of your dependents are types of personal information. We use this information to service your accounts and online transactions. It's our policy to send and receive individualized information through the channels we created.
    To use our secure services, "cookies" must be enabled. Cookies are pieces of information that are stored in your computer when you visit a Web site.

    How secure is my personal information online? Once we receive your information on Navigator Benefit Solutions LLC-owned servers, we employ extensive physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to make sure it remains secure. Sending personal information through links to email addresses, however, is not secure. Please read more about sending email.

    What do you do with the information you collect about me on your public websites? We will not sell, rent or license the personal information you provide within our public websites unless you authorize it. But we may need to use it within the NBSLLC or with a third-party vendor to perform administrative, technical, hosting, marketing or other functions that help us manage the sites while providing service to you. Except as noted above, we will not release personal information to any other party unless required to do so by government authorities or legal process or as otherwise permitted by law.

    What if I don't want you to collect, use or distribute my information electronically? If you don't want us to collect, use or distribute information about you on our public websites, there are always traditional means of communication available. You can call us or send your questions, comments and specific information by regular mail.

    What should I know about sending email? Remember that email messages can be viewed by other Internet users while in transit. Please do not email personal information unless you do so through a secure channel.

    Sometimes when I'm online, I encounter pop-up ads, unusual links or other behavior that I find annoying and distracting. What is NBSLLC's position on these pop-ups and links? This type of behavior is the result of "adware" and "spyware." "Spyware" is technology that tracks a site visitor's online behavior without his or her knowledge. "Adware" is software that displays advertising banners. Adware and spyware can be combined to track a person's preferences and distribute them to third parties. We do not use these technologies and urge site visitors to practice "safe computing" by verifying the source of online offers before downloading software or visiting other sites.