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AURA® Plan is:
Affordable . . .Predictable . . . Flexible . . . Desirable . . .
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  • Today's health care insurance and employee benefit market is moving from a defined benefit methodology to one based upon defined contribution principles. Our founder believes that the best opportunity for improving our country's financial security blanket is to help individuals accumulate funds where they have personal ownership, providing them information to allow them to make decisions, and then supporting them to make those decisions that maximize their personal satisifaction.

    The AURA® Plan Benefit Program is:

    Affordable - The aggregate cost of this program is determined by you. This program is a game-changer. You decide how much your business can afford. You determine the contribution you want to make towards your employees' benefits as a percentage of your employee payroll.

    Predictable - Even as the retirement and health insurance markets change, with new introductions of managed care plans, consumer-directed plans, and health savings accounts, your costs remain tied to your payroll costs and only change when or if you choose to change them.

    Flexible - While you determine how much you wish to contribute, your employees decide how to spend the money. Your employees shop for their benefits, just as they shop for anything else. Just as with a 401(k) the employee participant selects where to invest 401(k) assets, the employee may use the health assets to purchase an individual plan from any insurance company or can simply let the money accumulate to be used for retiree health care.

    Desirable - Employees enjoy having the flexibility and the empowerment they feel as they spend their benefit money as they wish. You provide the funding vehicle and the employees choose the benefits they want.